Born-digital art: documentation models as a conservation measure

  • Amelia Boogen Ybarra
Palabras clave: born-digital art, digital art, analogical art, obsolescence, documentation models, conservation, software, hardware


This article aims to present a revision of the existing documentation models for the conservation of digital and born-digital art.

It has been noted that most recognized projects, including latest ones, adjust to specific cases in order to meet the isolated needs of the born-digital art. However, models fitted to give general answers have not been found. It is imperative to revise documentation models for conservation means, due to soft- and hardware obsolescence. This is an opportunity to unify documentation and conservation aspects, which are not always reflected in them. Differing from traditional conservation procedures, often focused in keeping the work or document in its original condition, born-digital works have to be modified and altered regularly for their accessibility and intelligibility. Hence documentation plays an essential role.


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Biografía del autor/a

Amelia Boogen Ybarra

Degree in Fine Arts 1997 from the Basque Country University (UPV/EHU) where I specialised in in Conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage having carried out since then this activity. Master Degree in Conservation and Exhibition of Contemporary Art (CYXAC). I received the award for the best student of Master 2014, UPV/EHU. I am currently a pre-doctoral fellow of the University of the Basque Country – UPV/EHU. From 2005 on I have coordinated it with teaching Arts and Ethics at the German School of Bilbao, -Deutsche Schule Bilbao- being head of arts department. I am also the coordinator of German as specific language (DFU) in the German School of Bilbao. Over these years I have continued my permanent formation in German, having achieved Certificate C2 from the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt as well as SEK II coalification in Arts, which permits me to examine German high school diploma (Abitur). Through my participation in a great number of restoration forum as GEIIC member and taking part in restoration projects with other companies I am continually on the job training.
Work experience: I have regularly collaborated with business of art restoration in Bilbao and Cantabria since 1999. This is how I have acquired knowledge in skills and specific treatment for modern and contemporary works of art, using equipment’s of specialised technology as the suction plate and the realization of scientist analysis for the study of the works of art. All this work has allowed me to work as teaching assistant in several methodological courses, organised by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain (IPCE) dependent on the Ministry. At present I accomplish the documentation of contemporary works of art as a preventive measure of conservation.

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Boogen Ybarra, A. (2017). Born-digital art: documentation models as a conservation measure. Ge-Conservacion, 11, 165-171.