Preface II

  • Nicola Masini


Awareness of the importance of preserving and transmitting cultural heritage to future generations has been growing enormously over the last two decades.  An indicator of this is the continuous growth in the number of cultural heritage sites and monuments inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, which passed from 551 in 1987 to 1054 in 2016. Furthermore, the gap that once divided Europe and Northern America from other countries in terms of protection policies, development of practices and procedures for the restoration has been reduced. However, in the last two decades the number of World Heritage sites in danger strongly increased, passing from 10 in 1987 to 37 in 2016.


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Biografía del autor/a

Nicola Masini

Chair of YOCOCU 2018, Matera, Italy, 22-26 May 2018

Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage IBAM

Italian Research Council (CNR)

 Youth in Conservation of Cultural Heritage YOCOCU

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