New insights for creative art processes. Collaboration and experimentation with contemporary artists

  • Eva Fuentes Duran Mariana Fuentes Duran
  • Rita Lucía Amor Garcia
  • María Pilar Soriano Sancho
Palabras clave: conservation, Conservation, material experimentation, creative process, collaboration, contemporary artists


The artists’ idea of exploration in new creative fields frequently triggers the collaboration between artists and other professionals. Understanding the experimentation which comes from it is the art restorers and specialists’ main duty, as they are forced to establish new standards and increase their knowledge on the use of new materials. Consequently, the communication between artists and restorers is frequent nowadays in the form of interviews but also with practical collaborations. This paper tries to show how productive collaborations can be for artists during the creative process in terms of production and possibilities, and for restorers, because this would be the best way to learn about the art concept and its materiality, which will be helpful for the artwork’s future conservation.


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Biografía del autor/a

Eva Fuentes Duran Mariana Fuentes Duran

Graduated in Art History at Salamanca University, and postgraduate in Art Conservation and Restoration by Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Her research is focused on collaborations with artists and nowadays she is collaborating with the artists Patricia Gomez and M. Jesus Gonzalez in the processes related with detachment of wall-paintings.

Rita Lucía Amor Garcia

Ph.D. Candidate in Science and Restoration of Historic and Artistic Heritage program (UPV) studying the adaptation of strappo in aerosol art. She has participated in diverse researching projects in conservation of wall-paintings, including the collaboration with Patricia Gomez and M. Jesus Gonzalez. Also, she is a member of GEIIC Urban Art Working Team.

María Pilar Soriano Sancho

Doctor in Fine Arts by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, professor at the Art Conservation and Restoration Department and member of Institute of Heritage Restoration, UPV. She has collaborated in a wide range of researching projects. Her researching field is the conservation of mural painting, focused in detached wall-paintings and new supports.

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Fuentes Duran, E. F. D. M., Amor Garcia, R. L., & Soriano Sancho, M. P. (2017). New insights for creative art processes. Collaboration and experimentation with contemporary artists. Ge-Conservacion, 11, 257-263.