Cultural and Arts Education - Project Benčić Youth Council

  • Natali Bosić
  • Ivana Golob Mihić


This article will provide an overview of the local project with international support - Benčić Youth Council, which works to promote cultural and arts education for children and young people, creating a platform for participation in social change and connection with a wider socio-cultural environment (libraries, theatres, museums, cultural centres ...). The article will give the overview of theory and research findings concerned with culture and arts education that will in the second part be complemented with overview of Benčić Youth Councils practical experience, its emergence, local context and methodology of work.

Biografía del autor

Natali Bosić

Natali Bosić holds a bachelor degree in Pedagogy and History. She is currently writing her master’s thesis entitled “Significance of applied theatre for the emancipation and empowerment of young adults“ (Department of Pedagogy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, Rijeka). She is a youth worker and trainer in the field of culture and art in a number of cultural institutions, and non-governmental organizations in the local community where she is responsible for designing, organising and leading educational programmes for children and youth. 

Ivana Golob Mihić

Ivana Golob Mihić, MSc in Art History and Informatics. She finished college, lives and works in Rijeka. The focus in her work is industrial architecture (conservation and reuse) and education. She is an external associate in the Centre for Industrial Heritage – University of Rijeka and the project leader of Benčić Youth Council. (

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Benčić Youth Council; culture and arts education; cultural heritage education; non-formal education; leisure time; Consejo Juvenil de Benčić; educación de cultura y arte; educación sobre el patrimonio cultural; educación no formal; ocio

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