San Lorenzo Urban Memory Museum – Slumm Mapcast

  • Andrea Macchia
  • Laura Rivaroli
  • Marta Fiacconi
  • Marta Rivaroli
  • Alessandra Donnini
Palabras clave: SLUMM, museum, urban regeneration, San Lorenzo, community, cultural itineraries, mobile app


It is possible to create a museum where there are libraries instead of bookshops, craft shops instead of gift shops, where the employees are the citizens, the educational projects and the night events are linked together and art is a vehicle for narration and regeneration. This is SLUMM, San Lorenzo Urban Memory Museum. The aim of the museum is to preserve San Lorenzo memories and to address its social, political and cultural transformations through the voices and the memories of the people and the places. One of the approaches used by SLUMM is the use of the mobile app Mapcast, created by Etcware SRL, for the creation of personalised cultural itineraries. The users can select the quality of the material and add their own information in order to integrate the content and to be actively involved in the creation of culture and knowledge.


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Biografía del autor/a

Andrea Macchia

Andrea Macchia is a conservation scientist. He has a PhD in science applied to environmental protection and cultural heritage conservation. He is the founder and President of Yococu Organisation. Yococu Largo dei Quintili 21, 00175 Rome (Italy).

Laura Rivaroli

Laura Rivaroli is I.S.C.R. graduated. Freelance professional restorer for the private and public sector. She teaches archaeological excavation first aid and restoration courses.Yococu Largo dei Quintili 21, 00175 Rome (Italy). 

Marta Fiacconi

Marta Fiacconi is a PhD student at John Moores University in Liverpool (UK) working on pollen taphonomy in cave environment in relation to archaeological contexts. She has a master degree in cultural heritage conservation at Sapienza University in Rome and she works on cultural heritage divulgation with Yococu Italia. Yococu Largo dei Quintili 21, 00175 Rome (Italy). 

Marta Rivaroli

Marta Rivaroli is an historian at Sapienza University. Official guide since 2001. Co-founder of “I Gatti del Foro” from 1996 that promote Rome cultural heritage through guided tours of the city. 

Alessandra Donnini

Alessandra Donnini is an ICT professional, a graduate in Computer Science in Pisa, co-founder and CTO of ETCware, innovative SMEs. Since 2007 she works on semantic web and open data. She participates to OGP (Open Government Partnership) as a member of the Italian Open Data Institute. She has been teaching as an adjunct professor of the course of Computer Science 1 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and of the course Web application project. 

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Macchia, A., Rivaroli, L., Fiacconi, M., Rivaroli, M., & Donnini, A. (2017). San Lorenzo Urban Memory Museum – Slumm Mapcast. Ge-Conservacion, 11, 128-133.