A case of industrial heritage: the Ceramica Ligure Vaccari

  • Alice Cutullè
Palabras clave: industrial heritage, ceramic, factory, NOVA, warehouses, company town, Vaccari


An extraordinary case of industrial heritage, the Ceramica Ligure Vaccari in Santo Stefano di Magra (Italy), one of the most important italian factory of glazed ceramic exported in all over the world. This factory was abandoned after 2006 and then the municipality decided to not forgot its history and trying to create a new cultural life and a new engine of development of the site. For this reason, born the project NOVA, a cultural hub where the artists and the community have occupied the old warehouses and have given new life to the factory.


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Alice Cutullè

Alice Cutullè is an art historian, she has a bachelor degree with honour at the University of Pisa and then a master degree with honor in Art History at the University of Genua. Then she has another master degree at the Scuola of Specializzazione in beni storico artistici at the University of Padua. She deals with art in general, architecture history and industrial heritage.

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Cutullè, A. (2017). A case of industrial heritage: the Ceramica Ligure Vaccari. Ge-Conservacion, 11, 110-113. https://doi.org/10.37558/gec.v11i0.460