Asilah Arts Festival (Morocco): encounters in the urban space

  • María Gómez López
Palabras clave: Festival, Asilah, intercultural exchange, heritage preservation


This essay aims to present Asilah Arts Festival through its history, program and outcomes, as an interactive platform for international and local cultural interchange and diffusion but especially, as the essential preservative source it still is, particularly regarding the town’s urban and architectural ensemble and the national and international, material and immaterial legacy it celebrates. The methodology for this research combined a critical bibliographical analysis, followed by a three weeks stay in the Moroccan town carrying out fieldwork that included interviews, visits to sites of interest or participation in the event’s activities. The results obtained from this investigation have in this paper been grouped in four sections: “Urban and architectural heritage”, “Cultural heritage”, “Social impact” and “Everyday life”. These tackle how the event affects local economy, contributes to the population’s education, raises awareness towards the importance of the patrimony’s safeguarding or renders explicit the value of the town’s quotidian existence.


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Biografía del autor/a

María Gómez López

María Gómez is an art historian specialized in contemporary art from the MENA region after completing her MA studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London. She currently undertakes her PhD studies, which revolve around the work of contemporary artists from the MENA region and its diaspora reflecting on identity issues through the processes of inhabiting and place belonging.

She has collaborated with institutions like Santander Bank Foundation, Sabrina Amrani Madrid and Selma Feriani Tunis galleries or Casa Árabe and published the results of her investigations in Reorient, Ibraaz or Afribuku. She was beneficiary of the 9th Mutua Madrileña Postgraduate Scholarship and the Ralph Pinder Wilson Award 2015 and she has been grantee participant in the ISESCO and FUNDEA Youth Course on Islamic Culture in Rabat (2016) and Connecting Cultures Oman winter journey (2017).

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Gómez López, M. (2017). Asilah Arts Festival (Morocco): encounters in the urban space. Ge-Conservacion, 11, 10-16.